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We are really exited to launch the Outdoor Education NW Bike Academy in 2020!


The academy’s mission is simple - to encourage, support, and enable young people to get out and enjoy riding their bikes! 
In school courses 
We are currently offering both half and full day sessions in school. Sessions are split into two parts, covering:

• Basic bike maintenance – Skills for Life.  Students will learn how to check their bike is safe to ride, and to make basic repairs to get themselves back in the saddle after a breakdown. We may also move on to more complex adjustments and repairs as appropriate

• Freestyle skills. Pro mountain biker, Joe Flanagan (Scott Bikes), will pass on some of his skills. By the end of the session we hope your students will be confidently expressing themselves through new tricks and techniques 

Remember, as these sessions are run at your school, there’s no EVOLVE, no minibus to sort, and minimum cover needed.

For in school sessions, student will need to provide their own bikes and helmet (we can provide additional helmets if necessary).  
We will need access to an appropriate space for the sessions to run - school playground is usually ideal, but we will chat about this with you before the course.

Group size 
Maximum group size is 10. 

For larger groups we could run 2 x half-day sessions or even 3 x 2hr sessions over a day, providing for 20 / 30 participants. 

Aimed at: 
These sessions are suitable for all ages and can be tailored to meet the needs of most groups. 
The sessions work very well with students who are on an alternative curriculum, and those who don’t necessarily engage well with academic work. 

Off-site courses 
Following completion of the in-school training day, students will have the opportunity to take their new skills to the next level with a visit to one of the excellent purpose built biking facilities the NW has to offer.  
Students may use their own bikes if appropriate (and they can be transported to the venue), or we can use rental bikes (we can chat about this). 


Group size (off site courses)
Our maximum ratio for off-site groups is 1 instructor to 8 participants 

About Joe Flanagan 
All Bike Academy sessions are run by Joe Flanagan. 
Joe has been racing Mountain Bikes competitively since he was 12 years old. He has since competed in major Downhill and Enduro events all over the world and is a well-known personality on the Mountain Bike scene.  
Joe is sponsored by Scott Bikes, and is a Mountain Bike Coaching UK Coach Tutor and Association of British Mountainbike Guides Guide (Trainer Assessor). Joe also holds a BSc (Hons) in Outdoor Education.